Regional Planning & Partnerships

The Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan’s regional position makes it essential that the City develops and maintains partnerships with a wide variety of groups and organizations. Facilitating regular communication and cooperation with partners will support implementation of the Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan and identify opportunities to work collaboratively toward mutual interests. Further, it will facilitate a greater regional perspective on how issues are addressed in the area.

Summary of Recommendations

Chapter 6 – Growth And Annexation

  • Managed Growth – Recommendations and guidance for growth and annexation
  • Planning for Growth Areas – Growth areas and Future Placetypes
  • Strategic Considerations for Annexation – Evaluating impacts of annexation
  • Annexation Plan – Short-term and long-term annexation areas and annexation considerations
  • Urban Service Area – Recommendations for expansion of the Urban Service Area and amendments to the Boundary agreements

Chapter 8 – Economic Development

  • Goal 1. Redefine Springfield’s Narrative as a major Competitor and Leader in the Regional Market
    • (1.1) Create a Long-Term Economic Development Plan

Chapter 9 – Transportation and Mobility

  • Goal 1. Provide Multimodal Transportation Options that are Accessible and Reliable for Users of All Ages, Abilities, and Background
    • (1.2) Develop Individual Modal Plans
  • Goal 5. Leverage our Transportation Network as an asset and Impetus for Economic Development and Tourism
    • (5.4) Support Regional Connections

Chapter 10 – Infrastructure and Community Facilities

  • Goal 3. Coordinate with Local and Regional Stakeholders to Improve Infrastructure and Community Facilities
    • (4.1) Spearhead Coordination and Partnerships

Chapter 11 – Parks, Greenways, and Natural Resources

  • Goal 1. Establish a Comprehensive Trails Network to Enhance Physical Connections Between Springfield’s Neighborhoods, Natural Areas, and Key Destinations
    • (1.1) Leverage and Enhance our Trail System
  • Goal 4. Ensure Sustainable Growth and Environmental Stewardship by Conserving the City’s Natural Resources, While Fostering a Sense of Community Responsibility and Pride Through Education and Immersive Experiences
    • (4.1) Increase Environmental Stewardship and Protections
    • (4.2) Promote Sustainable Development
    • (4.3) Become a Leader in Sustainability in Southwest Missouri

Chapter 15 – Implementation

  • Next Steps – Local and Regional Collaboration


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