Growth And Annexation Plan

Forward SGF establishes an annexation and growth strategy to promote planned, sustainable, and responsible growth, discussed in Chapter 6: Growth Areas and Annexation.

The City of Springfield is committed to the concept of planned, sustainable, responsible growth. Sustainable growth should strive to balance the demand for new development, quality expectations, and environmental, community, and fiscal resources, while supporting a desirable mix of uses. While the Forward SGF Land Use Plan identifies the location of where different types of development should be accommodated within the City’s designated growth area, a more comprehensive strategy will be needed to help guide future expansion of the city limits and Urban Service Area. The strategy will also serve as a guide to maximize short- and long-term public investment related decision making to support planned growth.

It is critical the City works closely with surrounding municipal and county governments, utility providers, the regional planning agencies, business and environmental groups, and other stakeholders. The City should facilitate conversations on topics that promote sustainable growth, a resilient economy, and stewardship of the natural and built environment in the greater Ozarks region.

In conjunction with infrastructure improvement plans, the City is evaluating next steps towards proactively annexing properties along strategic corridors identified in short-term annexation areas.

Stay tuned.

Chapter 5 – Land Use & Development

  • Land Use Planning Framework – Placetypes

Chapter 6 – Growth & Annexation

  • Managed Growth – Recommendations and guidance for growth and annexation
  • Planning for Growth Areas – Growth areas and Future Placetypes
  • Strategic Considerations for Annexation – Evaluating impacts of annexation
  • Annexation Plan – Short-term and long-term annexation areas and annexation considerations
  • Urban Service Area – Recommendations for expansion of the Urban Service Area and amendments to the Boundary agreements

Chapter 8 – Economic Development

  • Goal 2. Clearly Define and Strategically Plan for New Industrial and Business Park Areas
    • (2.1) Target Growth Areas
  • Goal 3. Promote Reinvestment in Springfield’s Commercial Corridors and Key Gateways
    •  (3.1) Prioritize Improvement Corridors
  • Goal 4.  Coordinate with Local and Regional Stakeholders to Improve Infrastructure and Community Facilities
    • (4.3) Monitor Expansion Needs