UnGap The Map

Forward SGF supports The City and Park Board in their partnership with Ozark Greenways to champion the “UnGap The Map” campaign. This key initiative is underway to raise money to close gaps in the trail system, creating a comprehensive, highly connected system of trails across Springfield. The planned system contains over 140 miles of trails, building on the 77 miles already existing in the city. It aims to connect residents to nature, improve public health, and create connections to community destinations.

Summary of Recommendations

Chapter 7 – Housing And Neighborhoods

  • Goal 1. Support the Creation of Complete Neighborhoods
    • (1.1) Create and Expand Neighborhood Amenities
    • (1.2) Foster Walkable Neighborhoods
  • Goal 3.  Revitalize Springfield’s Neighborhoods
    • (3.5) Champion Safe, Healthy, Liveable Housing and Neighborhoods

Chapter 9 – Transportation And Mobility

  • Goal 1. Provide multimodal transportation options that are accessible and reliable for users of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
    • (1.1) Identify and Eliminate Gaps in the Network
    • (1.2) Develop Individual Modal Plans
  • Goal 3. Integrate Transportation and Land Use to Support Mobility and Placemaking
    • (3.3) Enhance Community Character and Placemaking

Chapter 10 – Infrastructure and Community Facilities

  • Goal 6. Foster Public Ownership and Community Identity Towards Springfield’s Infrastructure and Community Facilities as they Support the Beautification of the City.
    • (6.3) Multi-purpose Infrastructure

Chapter 11 – Parks, Greenways, and Natural Resources

  • Goal 1. Establish a Comprehensive Trail System
    • (1.1) Leverage and Enhance our Trail System
    • (1.2) Increase Accessibility and Safety Equitably
    • (1.3) Improve Wayfinding
    • (1.4) Increase Community Engagement and Education
    • (1.5) Perform a Trail Inventory

Chapter 12 – Subarea Plans

  • Lake Springfield Subarea Plan – Framework recommendations


  • The City has entered into a contract with a consulting firm to facilitate and draft an update to the Zoning and Development Code, which will provide the City with the regulatory framework essential to implement many of the recommendations outlined in the Comprehensive Plan that will initiate and require trail improvements as part of new development, where planned gaps in the system have been identified.
  • Ozark Greenways is leading the way on planning and coordinating numerous trail and greenways connection projects, including:
    • Continue south eventually connecting to trails and amenities being constructed in the City of Ozark.
    • Jordan Creek Greenway – extension of the trail in Smith Park to the Division Street Trail.
    • South Creek Greenway – extension from National Avenue east to the Fremont Trail & Meador Park.
    • Ward Branch Greenway – extension from its current terminus east to Fremont Avenue and the future Fremont Trail.
    • Grant Avenue Parkway Trail – Construction is underway to connect Wonders of Wildlife and Bass Pro Shops, on Sunshine Street to Downtown and the Renew Jordan Creek Project on Boonville and Mill.
  • To learn more about Ozark Greenways and how you can get involved in helping to UnGap the Map, visit