Neighborhood Commercial Hubs & Planning

The Forward SGF Comprehensive Plan provides an overview of goals and actions aimed at implementing the Plan’s vision. General guidance provided by the Plan should be paired with more targeted planning at a smaller area or neighborhood-level. A more refined planning process is needed to facilitate growth, development, and/or transportation and mobility needs in these targeted geographies. Goals and objectives created through neighborhood planning efforts should seek to align with the residential placetype recommendations included in the Forward SGF Land Use Plan. Each placetype illustrates unique characteristics common to their era of formation, street design, housing, and other physical characteristics.

Summary of Recommendations

Chapter 5 – Land Use and Development

  • Land Use Planning Framework – Residential Neighborhood Placetypes

Chapter 7 – Housing and Neighborhoods

  • Goal 1.  Support the Creation of Complete Neighborhoods
    • (1.1) Create and Expand Neighborhood Amenities
  • Goal 4.  Cultivate Neighborhood Identity and Cohesion
    • (4.2) Continue the Process of Proactive Neighborhood Planning

Chapter 8 – Economic Development

  • Goal 4.  Support Business Growth and Reinvestment in Neighborhood Commercial Hubs and Downtown
    • (4.1) Support Local Commercial Hubs
    • (4.3) Promote Entrepreneurial Stewardship
  • Goal 5.  Support Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce Development
    • (5.1) Neighborhoods as Economic Engines

Chapter 15 – Implementation

  • Land Use and Development
    • Create a strategy for updating the City Land Development Regulations and Zoning Map based on the Placemaking approach
    • Continue Planning
  • Integrate Land Use, Placetypes, and Zoning
    • Create a strategy for updating the City Land Development Regulations and Zoning Map based on the Placemaking approach
  • Implementation through regulation
    • Redevelopment on the edges


  • The City has entered into a contract with a consulting firm to facilitate and draft an update to the Zoning and Development Code, which will provide the City with the regulatory framework essential to implement many of the recommendations outlined in the Comprehensive Plan that will impact expansion of uses and quality of place enhancements for (re)development projects.
  • The City has begun the development of a plan for the West Central Neighborhood which identifies several locations where neighborhood commercial hubs could evolve, along with similar uses along neighborhood edges.
  • Amendments to the Urban Conservation District in the Rountree Neighborhood will pave the way for expansion of the neighborhood commercial hub at Pickwick and Cherry. Amendments will expand the district boundaries and support design standards to help ensure new development is compatible with the surrounding Rountree Neighborhood.